Awards and Commendations

"Goose on the Name Day"


The following of our appetizer won the first place:
Beetroot/goose breast/nigella sativa oil/goat cheese from Marek Grądzki.

Our main course, which was a goose breast served pink, a leg served in a preserve/little hooves served with thyme/plum sauce/purée made of pumpkin/ and brussels sprouts, won the second place.

The 17th Edition of the Our Culinary Heritage: The Flavors of Regions Competition - Commendation


We won the commendation thanks to our dish comprising of boar bacon in a preserve, marinated in cornelian cherry, green lentils, boletuses, pumpkin, kale chips, lovage oil and cider sauce.

The 11th Edition of the All-Poland „Kaczka po poznańsku” („The Poznań Version Duck”) Festival of Flavors - Commendation


A sous-vide duck breast, a preserved duck thigh, red cabbage, rhubarb preserve, red currant, Poznań dumplings, raspberry sauce

Culinary Fest

January 2017

At the January 2017 Edition of the Culinary Fest, the leitmotif of which were „The Roots”, the following of our dishes won the second place:

A buckwheat bread toast with salted pork and beef bone marrow, and pickled vegetables
Main Course
A sous-vide beef tongue served with buckwheat groats, horseradish, carrot purée and dill olive

The 14th Edition of the Our Culinary Heritage: The Flavors of Regions Competition – 2nd Place


Duck breast Carpaccio macerated in sugar, salt, garlic and beer from the craftsmanly brewery of the city of Poznań and served with duck skin streusel, preserved rhubarb, nasturtium leaves, ripening cheese from Marek Grądzki, marjoram mayonnaise, poppy oil, apple and cranberry, soaked in own-made liqueur with challah.
Main Course:
A fried sturgeon marinated in salt, sugar and "Kantorowicz" brand vodka, served with Spring cabbage with cancers and Salicornia, pea purée with burned butter, cancer sauce, acorus rhizome, cattail heart, bloody dock, beechnuts and watercress leaves with Camelina oil.

Member of the Greater Poland Culinary Heritage Network


In 2015, thanks for its traditional dishes from the Greater Poland region, made of the local food products, our restaurant became the member of the Greater Poland Culinary Heritage Network:
- the Greater Poland version herring with Camelina oil
- „blind fish” soup – potato and leek cream with a little bit of oils from Greater Poland
- traditional white-sausage-based sour rye soup served with poached eggs and own-baked bread
- the Poznań version duck with root purée made of red cabbage and the Greater Poland version dumplings with roasted apples and cranberry.

Culinary Fest

the October 2014 Edition

In the October 2014 Edition of the Culinary Fest Competition, the leitmotif of which was the culinary heritage, we won the third place thanks to the following of our dishes:

Onion halves stuffed with a Duxelles filling made of forest mushrooms, onion, garlic, thyme and parsley, gratinated with farmstead cheese with nigella sativa, served with cold-pressed Camelina oil, macerated lovage and a semi-sweet preserve made of red onion on roasted kale with a powder made of lyophilized raspberries.

Main Course:
A semi-bloody duck breast, preserved duck thigh with Calvados sauce served with red cabbage purée, roasted apples stuffed with cranberries and slices of pickled apples.