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Pod Niebieniem



Pod Niebieniem

We refer to the national cuisine of the nobility, the bourgeois cuisine, and to the rustic cuisine, all of which, as part of their tradition, borrowed much from the dishes of Europe and the dishes of the Orient.

We revive the Polish cuisine, while simultaneously preserving its spirit and enriching it with elements that make it healthier and more appealing to the consumer of today.

Both vegan and vegetarian dishes make the hallmark of our menu.

Our slogan is: „Tradition Served Fresh”.

Making our menu, we are governed by the year seasons and seasonal food products.




Ever since the post-war times, there have been various restaurants operating in this area. The history of the location and the fact that there are around 250 food premises working in the area motivate us to being the restaurant you would like to dine at.


A unique decor – a combination of the industrial style with folklore elements, but without a band plying. The decor of our restaurant is interspersed with good music (soul, jazz and some good rock) and huge engagement on part of the restaurant owners. We also value critical opinions, accepting them with humility.

Fresh Food

The dishes we serve are made of fresh products only. We do our best for vegetables, fruit and meat to be fresh, as we are aware that the freshness of the food products has a big impact on the taste and quality of the end dishes.  The only things we store in our freezers are ice cream and vodka.